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    Very odd comment Malmanu sellers selling to raise funds for the capitol raising. The shares are limited so why take a risk and to may be offered only 10% of your order I'm trying to buy more at 2.5 , with the low volume and down ramping who knows it might reach there when patience runs thin.
    Also a few years for revenue well by then you may have missed the boat or the company will be dead in the water , there is already commercial interest now so my bet is just one entry into the household name corp and it will take off, maybe you need to examine the prospectus a little more and carry out a few googles and phone calls you will be surprised . The problem is it sounds too good to be true but of course there are always speed humps, there are more with quality companies as everybody tries to shaft them.
    One problem we have at the investment group/club is people are becoming all consumed with Raya but didn't seem to worry about too much about a couple of other big companies we baled out of at a loss or companies we are invested in that are holding up well, I tell you I go to bed at night and don't think of Raya at all or dream about Chippies or Stefanac or Wood , its the other way around , win or lose I would be thinking more if I wasn't in there with a bet.
    Just my opinion
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Currently unlisted public company.

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