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    Another solid volume day for both zyl/zylob.All this volume must be supporting further rises.Just this month alone(and its not finished yet)just on 230 million ords have traded for a value of $4.5 million and 119 million options at a value of $476K have gone through.

    One has to ask the question is this just about sonobouys,digisurveillance and set top boxes.

    The Team Australia ann (28th May) does say

    "revenue flow from this initiative(airbourne acoustics strategy) over a number of years through the provision of sonobouys AND other SPECIALISED TECHNOLOGY developed and produced by the company.

    This is a fairly open ended statement so all this current interest may not just relate to the sonobouy technology.Again I have heard whispers of involvement in a much larger project but it would only be rumour mongering to express those ideas here.Once again the spectre of the NDA raises its head too.

    However the government has stated it wishes to establish a base of companies that will underpin a new Australian aerospace supply industry to the US and other markets that is both competitive and complementary to the existing aerospace industry.It would not be far fetched to see zyl involved in this in some sort of way considering their expertise in the electronics field as well as that "specialised technology" mentioned above.

    But this is taking fair amount of license with the crystal ball.It will just be nice to see that "substantial and ongoing revenue" to back up all the market exhuberance of the last month or so,and my holding of course!

    Cheers d.

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