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    Zinc has been running hot for the last few weeks and the equities market has not yet fully realized the meaning of that to the main players in Australia ie KZL and ZFX. To get on board this opportunity it is best to look at ZFX call options; purchase of the physical stock does not provide enough leverage.
    Look at Feb or May ZFX call options close to the money. ZFX is going to at least $2.70 especially near the end of Feb when the 6monthly results come out and the co. has already forecast that there could be a return to shareholders, possibly in the form of a capital distribution. A 100% yield on those options is still a real possibility.
    This message, obviously by its nature, is not a ramp on the stock; an options play will not affect the stock price but it is a real opportunity for those who are willing to take on a high risk/high return strategy.
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