PAS pasminco limited

zinifex disaster

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    Based on the overwhelming positive press this float is receiving(not-see todays Fin Rev and Age) wonder if they will extend the offer?
    Will it get shareholder spread of more than 400 so it can list?
    Will the MD fess up and admit that they have three years of capital expenditure that the banks prohibited them from undertaking?
    Will he also confirm that when he talks about profitability he forgets to include the fact that his concentrate shipping costs have nearly doubled in the past twelve months?
    Can someone also explain to him,whilst he is receiving his $1.6m a year plus bonuses, that his US smelter operation at Clarksville is no longer receiving "clean "concentrate since the banks shut down the Tennessee mines, and they are now sitting on yet another environmental liability in the future.

    How do we short this dog-late rumour, will the managed funds associated with Citigroup, Deutsche and UBS be silly enough to participate?
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