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    Found this on the ADVFN AIM Resources thread courtesy of Bo Doodak. It mentions Mehdiabad, without saying anything about it that we didn't already know.


    I have no idea what the significance of the appointment of Mr Gatley, a mining engineer, to our board is, with respect to the ongoing dispute. It perhaps has no significance, or it could be to demonstrate to the Iranians we have a Board second to none with the right skills to get Mehdiabad up and running or it could be to just to keep Lundin Mining happy. Don't know.

    The forthcoming parliamentary elections in Iran don't look like they are going to change anything much even if they show support for Ahmadinejad's policies is falling (too many reformist candidates excluded, and in any case winning elections in Iran doesn't get you control of all the power levers unless you grow a beard, refuse to wear a tie and profess allegiance to the revolution?). Just hoping the Chinese or the Russians, whom the Iranians seem very happy to work with, buy us out.
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