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zijin proposal

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    So zijin are are offering 20 cents to long suffering shareholders who have been holding shares in this company for a long time and who have been watching the company go from strength to strength bringing costs down very successfully especially over the last six months increasing their reserves to over 10 mill ounces in the ground and who now have their eye on pxg in an attempt to acquire more reserves later on. After doing some research it seems that goldmax paid upwards of 30 cents years ago for their holding in the company so in effect they have rejected the 25 cents per share offered by zijin in 2012 and are now looking at 20 cents now for a company thats improved multiples over the past couple of years. I personally think this is a very greedy attempt to buy out the remaining shares and I would not be surprised if it were zijin dribbling shares on the market to manipulate the price of the shares down before this offer of 20 cents was presented to the market considering this is a illiquid stock to make the offer look more . Any thoughts fellow holders?
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