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ziggy to resign

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    The pressure is on and the board know it well. Ziggy Switkowski has lorded over a mess unparallelled in corporate history in Australia and or the Asia Pacific region.

    The only problem is who to pass the 'poisoned chalice' to. A darling of the media especially channel 9's business programmes, this clown as touted as something of a genius.

    Funnily enough, he is a living example of why Phd's and MBA's from the biggest business schools should never be catapulted to the heights of corporate stardom without doing the hard yards.

    Lets look at the empirical evidence leaving aside the US. There was Dr. Ian Storey who committed suicide when discovered insider trading. His education did not hold him in good stead.

    Dr. Tim Marcus Clarke a Phd from Harvard like Storey who brought down the unsinkable ship the State Bank of South Australia also a living monument to the culture of rich kids and Phd's.

    Then there was dear Warwick fairfax whose pedigree alone must have made him a genius but no, he managed with his Harvard MBA and Prayer meetings with Regan to squander $2 billion of his inheritance and that of his families in a failed take over motivated by greed, idiocy, vanity and stupidity.

    Why do we appoint such academics who have no idea of the real world? then tie them in to lucrative 'golden parachutes' after they have sunk the ship, family heirlooms and all? These are scum deserving of 'Golden Showers' by a disgruntled public.

    Ziggy will be facing numerous lawsuites apart from the fact that telstra as I mentioned over a year go will be the target of because of him and his style of management. All this from an organisation that spends over $50 million defending itself against lawsuites a little known or publicised fact.

    The fact that the media remains mute over all of the wanton neglect, wastage and yes dare I say, pilfering of public funds through neglect or design says a lot about who wants to acquire a damaged but not out yet Telstra. it should be opposed at all costs.

    There were illegal commissions paid to excutives over Richard Lis companies for Telstra to put in the money it lost. I stand on my record and my assertions. There has been criminal conduct in Telstra's involvement in the PCCW debacle. it was no accident.

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