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Yeah, clearly the best post today Chalea!Never forget the Big...

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    Yeah, clearly the best post today Chalea!

    Never forget the Big Picture
    Minor setback today,
    but I am sure we will bounce back tomorrow
    22c should provide
    the base for the next leg up

    Plenty of ann to follow: Egan app,
    Caplin Report, funding completion,
    Cu drilling update, Item J etc etc
    Let them come in quick succession ->
    that would blast out the dreaded
    small time day traders. Baaaah!

    Maybe the best thing for all CVI longs
    would be to take a long vacation
    Why not take a year off, go around australia
    do a bit of fishing, smell the flowers..
    come back next year. I will consider that.
    No doubt, CVI will sky rocket sooner or later.

    Cheers from China to all longs!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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