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Zen and the Art of Marketing

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    Hi Folks -

    I find the following article a fascinating read and most insightful when trying to comprehend the lengths that's successful companies will go to in striving to achieve that elusive sales / marketing edge:-


       The analogy is particularly relevant as our first product is a high- end Japanese cult like product and I have no doubt that their staff are similarly over-trained to deliver magnificent service! This is also evident in many of the action shots provided by motivated Obj investors of Sk-11 stands around Asia when chasing down the elusive wand - many thanks.

    Baker and Young also attach credibility for Obj tech in being launched in such a significant quality and expensive product - maybe worth re-reading the BY Report and especially the first on their 10 reasons why to invest in Obj.


      That the wand and cream works wonders is beyond argument and I believe it is simply a matter of time before the floodgates open, assuming production can be ramped up to meet demand......

    I also find the recent presentation refreshingly positive and upbeat and like other observers believe that a further product launch, Ole ole ole - Olay, is possibly near than we know..... This is indeed the only stock I have ever held where I can think - "Bring on the next TH ! " - without risking a nervous breakdown!!

    Chinese New Year is coming - can any of the gifted sleuths in the Forum find out if Sk-11 intend to launch the wand  to benefit from this time of giving ( expensive presents,,) ?

    The coming year will see major developments with this company and I await the emergence of major backer in the T20 emerging or the appearance of some specialist boutique fund manager to kick things along......

    Interesting times ahead - Ort
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