zee - or is it tophat????

  1. Yak
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    Wait long enough - give your sort enough rope and you eventually hang yourself - oops...now there's a bit of wishful thinking!!

    Like I said to that other intellectually challenged anti-semite tophat, one day you will slip up and make a mistake and say the sort of things you say online to someone like me and you'll get the biggest wake-up call of your pathetic life.

    And for those who wonder why I keep a watch...here's a snippet or two from the last letter of the alphabet. Goes really well with a couple from tophat:

    General YAK The Israeli Sympathiser tophat 22/11/02 00:19

    Humour Yak You Ugly Hook Nosed Yid. Small Minded Simpleto tophat 21/11/02 23:47

    "The only joke here Snooker, is yourself - so leave your inane pendantic posts to protect the ill-integrity of the killing jews"

    "...you are getting abusive and ill-tolerable like all other jews."

    "Here are a couple of jokes to lighten up your day jewboy"

    "How do you start a Jewish Marathon?

    Roll a Penny down a Hill.

    Why did Hitler kill himself?

    He couldn't pay the Gas Bill"

    Like I advised the other rabid anti-semite tophat - stop beating off into the Nazi flag....Mommy's calling......(sorry Mummy's calling)
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