Zambia keen for projects to succeed

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    Doesnt look like Zambia will be any problem for avl.It appears after the wind down by Anglo they're keen for any type of economic boost for the region.

    Kavindele Advises Businesses To Exploit DR Congo Market

    The Post (Lusaka)

    June 7, 2002
    Posted to the web June 7, 2002

    Joe Kaunda

    THE Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) can virtually depend on Zambia if we organise ourselves, Vice-President Enoch Kavindele has said.

    Closing the workshop on deepening economic diversification on Wednesday, Vice-President Kavindele said it was regrettable that Zambia was a poor country when it was endowed with a lot of natural resources.

    Citing a case of the DRC's importation of eggs from Zimbabwe, Vice-President Kavindele urged the business community and investors on the Copperbelt to exploit the trade opportunities being offered by the neighbouring country. "There are 11 million people just across the boarder in Katanga Province who offer a very good market," he said. Vice-President Kavindele hailed the participation of key players from abroad who had travelled to share their experiences in economic development in their countries.

    "I am confident that your participation has contributed to finding an economic solution to mitigate the effects of the declining fortunes in the mining sector on the Copperbelt," he said.

    He said that it was gratifying that the workshop had attracted participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Ireland, Kenya, Botswana, Japan, the United States of America and the United Kingdom among other countries. He said he was happy that the workshop had emphasised the need for mutual co-operation between government and the private sector.

    He also praised the workshop participants for not only having deliberated on diversification but also the drawing up of concrete proposals that could possibly be finalised and implemented in the next six to 12 months.

    Vice-President Kavindele further stated that it was the government's intention that key policy and institutional frameworks required will be put in place during the same period.

    "I hope you have come up with few projects for the Copperbelt area that are capable of earning foreign exchange for Zambia as well as creating employment for our people," he said.

    He assured the workshop organisers that whatever resolutions have been passed would not be allowed to gather dust and as such a private sector led task force which would also include representatives from government would be established within the next two weeks.

    He said the mandate of the task force would be to oversee and ensure the implementation of the resolution of the workshop and to prepare a paper that would be presented at the forthcoming Consultative Group meeting slated for next month where financing for identified projects from co-operating partners would be sought.

    World Bank country director for Zambia and Zimbabwe, Yaw Ansu said the country's move towards diversification was inevitable even if Anglo American plc had not announced its pullout. He observed that the country's per capita income had been on the decline, a development that necessitated diversification.

    Ansu said January 2002, when Anglo announced its intentions to pull out should not be viewed as the country's dark day but as a day when Zambia awakened to the need for economic diversification. He called on the government to immediately implement the sound resolutions that had been drawn up during the workshop.

    "Please let's not debate this endlessly, government needs to take action," he said. The workshop was called to discuss the modalities and explore the prospects of economic diversification in the country with a focus on mining dependant Copperbelt.

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