“she isn’t showing ruling out toning down the rhetoric and...

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    “she isn’t showing ruling out toning down the rhetoric and morphing into joining The Liberals”

    No sign of it so far, Zali is tracking in the opposite direction but a Damascene carve turn back to the centre is always possible else the fate of Phelps and McKew awaits her. It is most unlikely that the GetUp/Greens rent-a-mob will be there for the next election, they will have a new target figure and the Liberal Party will regroup and refocus, as they did in Wentworth.

    Australia voted for economics over virtue signalling and it will be a short political carrier for Zali if she thinks that she owes the GetUp/Greens mob any loyalty. They did her a massive be favour last time around, just as they did the country a massive favour by concentrating all their efforts and resources on a vendetta against an individual whilst marginal seats went begging country wide.

    Time will tell for Zali, the Libs may save her but will they take her?
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