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    G'day Developer,

    I see that you have increased the font size in response to several members. Personally, I didnt have a problem with it and liked to be able to get as much use out of screen real state as possible. But anyway, I cede to the majority view.

    However, the current screen arrangement in "Latest Posts" is yukky. It is very hard to identify the poster ( a most important ability). Personally, date and time are of minor relevance and certainly shouldnt command so much real estate.

    Can I suggest that the arrangement of columns should be:

    ASX Symbol

    This is not just a random sequence - I have put some thought into it and it will provide a pleasing and usefull look to the screen. There is much more variation in the length of Subjects than there is Posters - my arrangement minimizes the huge amount of white space that would otherwise occur between Subject and Poster

    Hoping that you will consider my suggestion.
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