ypsilon i have a bone to pick with you

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    Dear Ypsilon, you said yesterday or day before that Isreali Jews are not anti-Greek. I didn't mean whether they were anti-Greek I was reffering that Israeli Jews are anti-Hellenic.

    Hellenism = Democracy and Freedom, well at least that was Alexander's goal.

    Greek = race and country.

    Ypsilon our friend, Israeli Jews are anti-Greek and anti-Hellenic otherwise how can you explain the process in which young Jews are educated ?

    Jews are anti-freedom and anti-democracy since 1000 AD when the Byzantine was at its peak Khazars believed in slavery and these slaves are referred today as Slavs.

    You see Ypsilon the Jews are always referred to as the "chosen people" from the moment Theodosius II the Great slaughtered Hellenes and kept the Jewish race beside him.

    You see Ypsilon Jews are not the chosen people. Chosen people don't educate their young like this; see website.


    Are you a Jew or Hellenic ? according to the Khazars in Israel, you can't be both, it's either one or the other.

    Have a nice day :)
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