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    Hi all,

    Disclaimer: I am not a current holder, but have been in the past (Sold due to needed the funds for a house settlement) and am considering reentering.

    I am currently in America on a trip to LA, Vegas, Atlanta, NYC and Orlando.
    I have been looking for Yowie through the trip, unfortunately I didn't find any in LA (looked all over) but just found some in Walgreens in Vegas.
    The positioning in the candy section was great - Kid eye height.
    The box had two or three Yowies missing/sold. The remaining Yowies expiry dates varied, some were May 2017 and some March 2017 - indicating this box was partially refilled with new stock.
    Interesting enough, when purchasing, the guy behind the counter (I believe the assistant manager, based on his tag) was amused at the Yowie and before I could ask the question whether they sold well or were popular he said "I've never seen these.. I didn't even know we sold these."
    Not be ideal comment, but only the first location I've found them in so far, I'll keep hunting.
    I have taken pictures for the forums benefit and I'll upload shortly.
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