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    Some one must be the happiest person in Australia.  

    And I reckon it might be me......

    I found yowies online in the US and put in a request through the contact list that they deliver to Australia.  And they did.  Boxes of 12 where US$48 each and the postage was a flat US$60 (near enough).  

    Order was processed Friday afternoon in South Carolina and they arrived this morning!!!!  Air freight is amazing.  52 hours from South Carolina to Sydney.....

    So all up cost about $7.5 per yowie.

    Yes it was a bit costly.  But I just couldn't wait to get one.

    So what do I reckon about our (assuming posters are shareholders) product.

    First thing is that I noticed was the weight of the boxes of 12 .  They feel heavier than expected.  Packaging is is very good with the box folding out very easily (even I could do it) in to an attractive presentation stand.  Bit of a play on Kinder Surprise with the "Surprise Inside".  Photo below - I had to eat one before I could take a photo

    There was a plastic cover in the top of the box that meant that the Yowies would not move when being transported which is good because they should not break or be damaged.

    I grabbed Rumble (probably because he was red).  Foil packaging is very attractive.  Images are appealing with eye catching facial expressions.  The Yowies are a bigger than what I expected (based on the memory of the Cadbury version).  And in fact they are just over 7cm tall.

    Foil came off easily and even though the yowies have flown 14000 km and it is a hot day in Sydney the chocolate had not melted to the extent it stuck to the foil.

    The chocolate was a little gooey but came off the capsule in two pieces in the manner expected.  

    The taste of the chocolate is not to my liking.  It is pretty sweet and the texture felt oily in my mouth.  That said, I am not the target audience of the product.  The real test will be when my 6 year old daughter tries one.  

    I will grab a kinder surprise later today and make a comparison.  I have also put the yowies in the fridge so the colder harder more brittle chocolate may taste different and more to my preference (ie I prefer cold beer than warm beer!).

    And I expect that this is a cultural thing as I grew up on Cadbury Dairy milk which is widely agreed to taste different to US choclate.  

    The capsule is definitely not a choking hazard.  It is just too big.  I can hardly get it in my mouth.  

    There is some very fine printing on the capsule.  "Press here" and US patents 5,925,391 and 6,066,872".  I doubt I would ever notice it unless I knew it was there from watching the you tube reviews.

    The capsule opened pretty easily with a little squeeze.  Again the test will be whether my 6 year old can open it.  My little squeeze may have more force than a 6 year old can muster.

    The toy I received was the panda.  Quality of toy is top notch.  It is very heavy (may even have a piece of metal inside) and this reinforces the notion of quality.  The detailing on the panda is very intricate.  As for the reputed hand painting, it is definitely not all hand painted.  The only part of the panda which may, and most likely is, be hand painted is the white on the claws.

    The little bit of paper inside is as expected.  Short blurb on animal.  Reference to yowieworld.com and face book page (is this up and running?)

    Overall very impressed and believe that this product has the potential to be a huge hit in the US.

    I hope my insights are informative (and not overly detailed).



    DYOR, NFA, etc.
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