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you're kidding

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    I've really got to sit back and have a good laugh. Yep that's right. It's me, sparrow ramper - Kelly-skirt. LOL LOL LOL. Some plonker commits harikari on PBI and SLT - wants the dough etc or just has absolutely no ticker - and every conspiracy theory from here to eternity arrives on our doorstep. I've got a little suggestion for all of you. Take a few deep breaths, have a run around the block, pork the neighbour or whatever else you have to do to hit the relax mode and then go and have a long cold shower and wake up the next morning and try to see the big picture.

    Several different research institutes, dozens of doctors and professors, a sh-t load of emminent research graduates - collectively hundreds of people involved in Prana, Select Vaccines, Prima Biomed and Premier Bionics have put their reputations on the line.

    Just today Professor Ashley Bush had a public lecture in Melbourne giving an update on the huge leap forward in the research into Alzheimers. They've just raised several million dollars that will result in commercialisation of their patented property. Who's Professor Ashley Bush? He's from the Harvard Medical School - you know USA - and they, in conjunction with Melbourne University, are the research drivers of the Prana breakthroughs. Prana has been to 3 bucks before and in their own admission they're all but complete for commercialisation. 3 bucks will be ancient history within months. No doubt about that or the instos wouldn't have backed it.

    The story for SLT is better. They've made the breakthrough and are awaiting commercialisation announcements. Just how quick do some of you dropkicks think you can stitch a deal together involving international negotiations with multi-national companies, international patents, rights, royalties, distribution agreements etc, etc, etc.

    PBI has world first technology as does SLT, and PRR, as I've said before, is a real sleeper. It's going to make the others look giddy one day. And you've got to be kidding- Prana is listed on the NAS and Merryl's New York own 25%.

    And now we have the armchair experts with 50,000 here and 5,000 there that absolutly crap themselves when a few minnows have a bail because Frosty's crossed a few or bought and sold - "who gives a toss" - in SLT. I couldn't give a fat rats. How many million has he got in escrow in these companies which he has to hold for at least 2 years in most cases. Who cares what he does. He probably just wants to buy a new anchor for his new boat which is worth more than most plonkers will see in their entire lifetime.

    SLT will no doubt have several deals and when the Hep C announcement inevitably follows Hep A & E most of you are going to have to sell your house to buy a few thousand shares. LOL LOL Kellyskirt.

    I've said $3-$5 dollars for Select on the back of Hep C which will be worth tens of millions in royalties on a company cap of about 20 mill. Where will that send the cap. I think others are having the last laugh because while the chicken hearted, lilly livered plonkers do a runner, smart players are accumulating.

    You can come up with all the hypotheses you like, Kelly gang, but not one of you has had the ability to fault the intellectual property of any of those 4 stocks, so I hope you all bail out. You don't belong in the market. I'll wave to you from my limo when you're riding in your taxi down Parkside Lane, Frisco.

    Cool it. Think about the big picture and profit in the future.

    The Cloud
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