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You're Fired - Monday

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    Good Morning and Welcome to the XJO Monday Thread

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    News for Today (AEDST)

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    The XJO closed higher (again) on Friday

    However, demand for higher prices was on the wane, as can be seen in the lower volume (value traded), narrowing spread, and close off the day highs. There wasn't so much serious selling pressure making itself felt on friday, as with the lack of demand present, it could have been taken down fairly easily. It appears that there was little appetite for the upside, and the best that could be mustered was some sideways absorbtion action.

    Should some serious selling pressure arrive, it will be interesting to see at what level, price will be defended.
    So bring on some down bars , or at least one or two, as that will give some good information.

    I don't actually have any obvious horizontal resistance at this level, the next serious resistance line I have above, is @5903.2, then @6105.6

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    XJO Intraday Levels ~10min, 3 point wave

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    Good Trading and Investing


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