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    Its not just Australia .. its pretty much universal.
    Quite sickening really when you see the sad state, in general, that society has gotten to.

    This general perception of "youth", their lack of respect along with the post modern ideal of "no rights or wrongs" and just creating your own values is just so sad only suggests its going to get worse before it gets better. Sure there are exceptions ... but society in general doesn't show a "care" for others. How many people ignore the problems of their neighbours (in fact how many live witout even knowing their neighbours), ignore problems within their own families ....

    I feel for those few "elderly" still around who fought so many battles, lived through such horrid times to see what society has now become. Sure there has always been an element of crime, but I think underneath it all was a deep rooted respect for the elderly, parents etc.

    Nothing will comfort your Mum, and its sad that she had to go through what she did and lose some precious items ... but sadly, the situation seems to be just getting worse.
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