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    Couldn't believe my eyes. Read a post where some bozo had sold at 67c. All I can say is good luck pal because I've been accumulating from 6 and Polly ain't sold a cracker yet. There's no way in my mind that this hasn't got legs and it's only just started to crawl. The potential of Select is huge. Check out the Clear Focus Research report on Select Vaccines from July 2003 and cross that with company announcements backed up by the recent placement and you can only come to one conclusion - that there's lots of blue sky ahead for the SLT train.

    Granted smart traders take profits. We all do to get the cash and move to another deal, but this is a world first and many people getting on board at the moment (from what I've heard) have a medical background and realise how this will revolutionise diagnostic procedures for hepatitis worldwide.

    Thanks Ronnie for reposting a Tale of 3 Bios because I've been screaming about these for too many sleeps now and I really don't care if people haven't done their own research and haven't realised the potential that lies ahead for the 3 bios. As I've said before word on the street with many traders is that the boys are off to the US as we speak and I don't think they're there to check out the surf.

    Most of my contacts believe that September/ October is going to be huge. That's why the placements have been locked in. And as far as people who knock the pedigree of directors behind the 3 bios, I simply ask this - Would you rather be putting your hard earned dough in a company where the directors are as sharp as a razor and keen to have a go or throw your dough at some plonker company that's full of hot air.

    As I've always said before, check out the credentials behind the 3 bios PRR, SLT and PBI. They're rock solid. They're world renowned institutes and their credibility cannot be doubted. A special hi to one fat lady. I was so glad to hear you got on PBI. I still think it's got a chance of giving SLT a good run over a medium time frame.

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