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    SLT and PRR have been nibbled at by some serious players according to the volumes over the last couple of weeks. When the plonkers get involved on announcements it creates hype and allows more volume to hit the market as traders call it quits. What's been happening is some serious punters are putting real money into these and their options and then fading away when the price increases out of a preset limit.
    There is also another stable mate of these 2 biomeds called PBI which is finalising human trials on its sleep apnoea product. Add to that a huge increase in the activity surrounding YAM which has large holdings in these stocks according to previous posts and a little research. All reports and press releases by these companies with the exception of YAM indicate we're on the verge of a heavy reporting season.
    I'll tell you now and I'll stand by my words these stocks are going to enter a boil over phase in the next month or so. You can feel it in the wind.
    Cloud of Sparrows
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