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    Select topic... Defeatist with a sense of potential.

    Yes that will do!

    Fortunately, having some good friends around the planet both positive and slightly negative on Galaxy they welcome my calls and messages allowing me to learn their perspective and adjust mine... Maybe...

    Ok, so I will try to refrain from this sounding too rampy and being nailed to a Twitter wall that causes outrage. Afterall Easter is over. Oh forgive me, I was an alter boy also and it wasn't for George. lol Thank god that bloke can't sing and dance.

    Ok so I thought I would take a moment to share some thoughts.. again I haven't had the opportunity to upload the latest lithium podcast on YouTube, but I aim to tomorrow when I get a chance with a much faster internet connection.

    I am sure most have heard it on Apple Pod Tunes...

    The one thing I have always remembered from @airconditioner posts is the thought that Chris Berry referred to Galaxy having so much optionality.

    I have also struggled in my own ways to work out what might be the best option for Galaxy to persue.

    Do you slam down the money we have with the ongoing cashflow from Mt Cattlin into Sal De Vida.

    Do we investigate the possibilities of Lepidico which we own 12% that post the demonstration/pilot plant and smash out production from Mt Cattlin, kick over to Spain with one of @maxi1981 fantastic plans, then seek a plan at Sudbury.

    Other lithium companies from my perspective are putting on a brave face having sold off the plan... Some have promised stage 1 right to 3 plans with massive debt at from what I have been told up to 15% ..


    The share price looks like snoop after a wicked night on the blunts fighting to get up and get the coke from the fridge, hoping a mate will turn up with some Macca's.

    But, I'm still confident and I ain't a pumper... Those that have spoken with me will know I don't focus on this company for money. I look at it based predominantly on what it can do.

    I won't be brought nor sold on a price.

    What are the possibilities...

    I realise we get pounded upon when we talk about them on here (Lepidico wise) but I see that as primarily because no one really knows where our fingers reach. Nice long lesby loving fingers... (I voted yes, gimme a break and love me too )

    Ok so where was I...

    Ok, so it seems to me that from both the aspect of Lepidico and also that of the direct extraction efforts at Sal De Vida that the company is open to stepping outside of the straighty 180 zone and kick some goals whilst also being prudent with how they manage their funds.

    We have seen other lithium companies getting their ass ole's kicked too.

    Some I like, but some are just incredibly tied (locked down) to a future that they cannot escape... I am sure their is an Aesop's fable for what is occuring to them. Something about the fox and the Crow.

    The Fox and the Crow

    One bright morning as the Fox was following his sharp nose through the wood in search of a bite to eat, he saw a Crow on the limb of a tree overhead. This was by no means the first Crow the Fox had ever seen. What caught his attention this time and made him stop for a second look, was that the lucky Crow held a bit of cheese in her beak.

    "No need to search any farther," thought sly Master Fox. "Here is a dainty bite for my breakfast."

    Up he trotted to the foot of the tree in which the Crow was sitting, and looking up admiringly, he cried, "Good-morning, beautiful creature!"

    The Crow, her head cocked on one side, watched the Fox suspiciously. But she kept her beak tightly closed on the cheese and did not return his greeting.

    "What a charming creature she is!" said the Fox. "How her feathers shine! What a beautiful form and what splendid wings! Such a wonderful Bird should have a very lovely voice, since everything else about her is so perfect. Could she sing just one song, I know I should hail her Queen of Birds."

    Listening to these flattering words, the Crow forgot all her suspicion, and also her breakfast. She wanted very much to be called Queen of Birds.So she opened her beak wide to utter her loudest caw, and down fell the cheese straight into the Fox's open mouth.

    "Thank you," said Master Fox sweetly, as he walked off. "Though it is cracked, you have a voice sure enough. But where are your wits?"

    The flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him.

    Look around... What's the comparison points.

    And when the Florence... are Tesla's Aussie offtake going to produce? They had to go and sign a 3 year with Ganfeng...

    I'm sure Ganfeng love having rights to 3 mines in Australia...

    Are there any that are unspoken for? *Cough*

    Are we still the unspoken for ones @airconditioner?

    I want lithium chemicals...

    Lepidico, Sal De Vida or a converter..

    But then one thing that was pointed out to me was the conversations in USA happening where they are rapidly realising they don't have Buckley's chance of lithium, nor other battery materials supply as China has been ripping it away from them.

    And then I remember this...

    Sal de Vida is one of the world's largest undeveloped lithium brine deposits estimated to contain around 1.1bn t of lithium carbonate equivalent.

    1,100,000,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate.

    How much is that worth?


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