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    G'day all that have followed ECU.

    May i just bring to your attention two of the recent company announcements, 1) dated 28 04 03
    and 2) dated 24 06 03.

    To me there are some totally contradictory passages in each announcement.

    NOT WORD FOR WORD, but key points as follows>
    28 04 03

    ........set to produce gas by May, ECU says its gas project is on track and will be producing gas in 6 weeks
    It also says they are at the negotiating table with customers........

    NOW on the 24 06 03
    data previously collected and the "Indicators from GALILEE" shows levels of gas production have not yet been experienced due to Galilee and there info rmation not being reliable.

    THIS contradicts the previous anncment, BUT it was another part that grabbed me when it said "WHEN the gas will be produced and not "IF".

    Have a close read of this and see what you think, but there are plenty of questions to be asked from these two contradictory announcements.

    AGAIN--- Why say on the 28 04 03 that ECU should no longer be a speculative company and it should now be seen as an investment company??

    as i said the positive out of the second anncement is WHEN the gas will be produced, but why have everything else preceeeding that??

    Many questions could be asked from these two announcement, I am interested in your comments from them.

    thanks guys for your comments

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