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you cant always get what you want!

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    I think it's time to have a break from all the banter/jousting/stress and loosen up.

    Nothing will happen until the lawyers come back from Xmas holidays..usually after Australia Day long weekend in January...If the Farminee is from South America you can bet the same goes on there..Xmas in a catholic country is taken seriously..Us is snowbound as is the northern part of Europe..Lawyers need to thaw out in January..far too cold to think now...take your pick!

    So ..I came across Mick Jagger doing an impersonation of our chief..Herr Jurgen,a\trying to appease the masses of MEO shareholders at a large Scandanavian meeting...

    Clear message..You Cant Always get What You Want..look and listen!


    just cut and paste into your web browser:

    Hey Jak..good to hear from you in my exile. Xmas link for you and Iam.

    and now a Merry Xmas song for all the MEO faithfull:


    Forget it guys ..there's bugger all we can do over the next 3-4 weeks..The lawyers are not in work mode..ASIC isn't..I'm Not..Artemis is secure..the Farminee has agreed what,we do not know!

    Maester Jurge and his merry men are on Hols or in Brazil..I doubt it!:))

    SP will go sideways until we know Who Santa Claus is!

    I suggest a good drink is in order..that is for those of us who partake in such mischievous activities.. Attitudes,thinking of you here : )) and definately not having a go!'s time for all of us to enjoy a well earnt break..This has been one Hell of a year for most of us in business..

    I have a shirt on my back and my pants are still on and I have a spare Shekel or two to punt on the ASX..amaaazing!!

    Lifes too short Chaps..enjoy it!

    Merry Xmas all

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