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you can tell when the sp goes up

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    No need for anyone to watch the SP of lum these days. Just log in to HC and count the number of lum posters that come out of the woodwork when the SP goes up. When the price is going down most go into hybernation. I am seriously looking at purchasing into this very speculative stock, but not based on fundamentals or TA. My new plan is to log the number of posts per day to tell me when the SP is going to go up or go down. I think I will call this new found style "NI". For those whom are not aware of this new index, it has been named after one of HC best posters NINA. So in future any movement of lum will be classified not in share price but in NINAS. To do this one must divide total number of posts per page bye the number of lum posts per page. Please see example below:

    Number of posts/per page = 50
    divided by
    Number of lum posts per page =20
    Gives a NI of 2.5

    An NI of greater than 5 is a sell
    An NI of around 2.5 is a buy
    An Ni of around 1 means everyones got some.

    Happy trading to all.


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