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    Those who sold last month but are still trolling on this cuv board (and you know who I'm talking about)are just waiting to get back in. That's why they still sniff around cuv.

    And they'll be back in soon and pumping this, saying what a great opportunity it is, dissing anyone who is objective about things. It happened years ago with Epitan and started again back around June.

    I hope they just stay out this time. I can do without the obnoxious pumping and then the selling on a dime and laughing at those still in it, only to rinse, wash, and repeat every couple years.

    We'll have no problem picking up brand new shareholders in 2010 and 2011 without all the baggage. I won't miss the old troublemakers who play the pump it / trash it game only to serve their own selfish agendas.

    It's ok to say good things about the company and to rip the company when it's justified. But, when they're doing so just to drive up or drive down the share price, we're better off without them.
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