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you are running out of time you blokes..

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    it always makes me wonder about the market when we have $100 oil and a company on the verge of flow testing a major oil well for near term production and we get very little interest? one thing i have noticed a lot more recently is the markets SLOWNESS to respond to obvious plays. I understand that people are gun shy, but the money is right in front of us. i am expecting OEL share of this field to be around 3000 barrels per day at full production. OEL will make a massive amount of cash. i guess we have to wait a little while longer before the slow ones wake up. The stock is 30c now, lets see what happens over the short term. Nido has taken nearly 3 years to get this far and here we are after all this time about to reap the rewards with $100 oil.dyor.
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