You are all wasting your time.

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    Everyone here is looking to blame someone else for Australia's problems, wake up people!!!
    We need our leaders to open up factories and start producing what we need here. People are going to have to WORK for a living, boring repetitive jobs, sore feet and hands at the end of the day. No more beauty salons, Gyms and reality TV. Throw your worthless Uni degree in the bin and start to get your hands dirty Australia!!!! If we refuse the challenge we deserve the outcome.
    I do not hear anyone DEMANDING a job, any job. We have become a nation of lazy, whining self entitled nitwits, with no common sense at all. Nada! Wake up, grow up and stop waiting for things to get better. They are not going to unless your average Australian is willing to work for a living and work hard. Who am I kidding? I think we better all learn Mandarin and hope for the best.
    Not going to be pretty and serves us all right!
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