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you ain't seen nothing yet

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    I met a devil woman
    She took my heart away
    She said I had it coming to me
    But I wanted it that way
    She said any lovin' was good lovin'
    So I took what I could get
    Oh yeh SLT lovers
    You ain't seen nothing yet

    I guess I'm still laughing at the plonker that wants to buy at 32. Forget your technicals, forget your graphs. This babe's announcement driven so unless you're privy to the announcements, nobody's got a bloody clue where it's going.

    Mr 32c obviously hopes it's going down. Cloud of Sparrows says it's going ballistic. Difference is COS does his homework and Mr 32c is in on a wing and a prayer. To date the market prices are being attributed to their announcements on Hep A& E and new additions to their management structure. But the fact is this is the first of many molecular ownerships Select Vaccines may patent and market. I've said it before and I'll say it again for those who are a tad short on hearing, if they repeat their diagnostic procedure successfully with Hep C this thing is going to go bloody apeshit.

    They hit 60c today which caps Select at around 15 mill give or take. Cellestis cap is 110 mill plus and in my opinion they're not even in the same game as far as revenue capabilities. If these guys stitch up the deal and they can get a cap of 100 mill plus wll gee hey whiz it's not rocket science. This is 2,3,4,5 buck stuff.

    Laugh at me all you like but I introduced SLT to Hot Copper when it was 4c on the old scale by taking a punt on the back door takeover and I was right. The true believers can pick the colour of their Bad Man's Wheels while the whingers and whiners can belly-ache to their heart's content.

    Well I beg of you. Do your own research. I've talked to doctors, scientists and ascertained what I believe is their chances of sustaining a leading edge in this bio sphere and I believe these guys have the goods to take it all the way. You just have to research it thoroughly yourself.

    Cloud of Sparrows says:
    You never know depth of a pond until you see the bottom,
    You never know the height of a mountain until you see the top,
    And you'll never find either unless you open your eyes.
    Bit like a share heh!! You got to look a bit, dig a bit, trust a bit, hope a bit. You may just find the top.

    Cloud of Sparrows
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