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    Misty bay told you so, oh so long ago. And where's Misty Bay. Let's just say he got lost in a cloud of sparrows.
    Hi all. You wouldn't believe where I'm sending this post from. I'm about as close to a buffalo as I am a beer. So let's cut the crap and analyse what's happened while I've been in Kakadu's man's land.
    I have to agree with the partial synopsis put forward by kopiteau where he said it could reach a buck. I can tell you though that's there's no way I'll be selling my bucketload for a buck. Just look at Cellestis - market cap about 120m. If SLT can reach a market cap of anything near this they could be in the 4-5 buck range no worries. And for all those that criticised the consolidation this will prove a wise move because it will become a very tightly held stock and the plonkers won't have room to play games.
    And what are the chances of it having a market cap of 125m? The hepatitis diagnostic kit is a huge breakthrough for the medical fraternity. It no longer means give us your blood bozo and come back in a couple of days for the results. It means look the other way, cop a jab in the finger and I'll tell you how long you'll be using oxygen for.
    Now look at this in a place like India or China with population bases of a billion people plus. The multipliers are phenomenal and also patients may be tested multiple times in a lifetime. The logisitics are just mindblowing and as they said in their release there is no other similar product on the market.
    So where do you think the market cap will go if they can secure a contract or two which obviously has to be the next step to commercialisation.
    There's no doubt in my mind that Select vacines has the potential to make Cellestis, Benitec, Eastland Medical look like they're at a teddybears picnic.
    And by the way don't say I didn't tell you so. Also have a look at Banque tec. I'll give you a bit of a run down on that next week when I get out of the dust.

    Bye now
    Cloud of Sparrows
    PS I hold SLT and Banque Tec
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