yogi you are wrong

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    Hi Yogi,

    I believe you foreshadowed the demise of the Junior Oilers Weekly on your Aussie Oilers website. I also understand you have associated Ian W with the JOW.

    You are wrong on both counts. The JOW is alive and well and being more widely read, if not paid for, by people like you. (If you don't like what we say why do you read bootleg copies?)

    And if Ian W was associated with us he would only improve the content and analysis.

    The fact that the author ie. me, lost $8,000 on a punt on Entek recently has nothing to do with the JOW portfolio which doesn't "punt" or bet on the stars, but basically follows a "buy early sell before spud" strategy.

    The fact that we can so easily absorb a loss like that on Entek on our personal account reflects the size of our position in the market. The fact that the amount should so alarm you perhaps reflects the size of yours.

    I don't know what we, at Junior Oilers, have done to upset you, but slagging us in that quite scurrilous way is not what we would call fair play. Surely there is room for all opinions.

    We don't claim to be anything other than honest analysts, heartily sick of the pump and dump brigade, who would like to help people make a quid by describing some sound investing strategies for the speculative junior oiler sector.
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