CSM cosmo gold limited

yield 7%, pe 8.5ish, great prospects

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    CSM is in my opinion amongst the top 3 stocks on the ASX for value, and has huge upside. Manganese prices are rising, and so will CSM's share price.

    75% of CSM's annual manganese production is sold under 2 long term contracts in Eastern Europe (10 yrs) and China (life of mine). This underpins revenues, with remaining production sold at spot.

    USD receipts are hedged at 56c, providing exposure to the rising AUD.

    CSM is also engaged in exploration and has found further encouraging results.

    It is a clear takeover target, with the word being that Portman's is eyeing it off.

    In my opinion, in a worse case scenario you are receiving 7% dividends - better than a bank. Any risk is to the upside.

    Check out the website www.consminerals.com.au. They have full broker reports there. Do your own homework - this one speaks for itself.
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