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    Surely with all these announcements being made, the share price will hold up at 17.5 - 18c.

    Cheque verification product launched to enhance credit union member services

    ChequeView, an online access service enabling credit unions to view their members' cheques and signature cards is being launched to credit unions today. The service further enhances the product offering from credit unions by allowing them to quickly resolve member queries. ChequeView delivers substantial efficiencies and financial benefits for credit unions and their members.

    Developed for Credit Union Services Corporation Australia Limited (CUSCAL) by KAZ Group Limited (KAZ), ChequeView streamlines the customer request through a secure online portal.

    Sydney Credit Union (SCU), Australian National Credit Union (ANCU) and Credit Union Australia (CUA) piloted ChequeView in June 2003 and found that service fulfilment was reduced from days to a matter of minutes. The reduction in servicing costs for these particular items fell by more than 30 per cent per transaction.

    "The combination of service improvements along with cost savings creates a substantial benefit for all involved," said Ashley Jennings, CEO of Sydney Credit Union.

    CUSCAL is commited to providing credit unions with a reliable, secure service that enhances their service offering at the forefront of their product development and delivery.

    "CUSCAL is constantly looking for ways to provide value to our customer base. The concept of online service fulfilment through a reliable, robust and secure solution was developed in conjunction with KAZ who provided us with technical ability to leverage our existing infrastructure," said David Ingham, Head of Payment Services CUSCAL.

    CUSCAL has partnered with KAZ for a number of years, having outsourced to KAZ the scanning and storage of cheque and signature card images in 2001. KAZ provides this service via its proprietary software, Document & Image Processing System (DIPS) and stores the documents, using ImageStore technologies, in its data centres.

    "ChequeView is an important development in KAZ's ongoing mission to deliver solutions that make business sense for financial services institutions," said Charles Dunn, General Manager, KAZ Software Solutions.

    "KAZ is proud that we've been able to build on our partnership with CUSCAL to develop a solution that has, and will continue to, deliver clear customer service benefits."

    CUSCAL was the first to embrace KAZ's ImageStore, its electronic image storage facility, which was launched in 2001 and has subsequently been adopted by the wider business community.

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