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yesterdays report

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    I just read yesterdays report on the drilling and have some points to raise.

    They mention casing being set for the level drilled and blowing out the well.

    What this means is that when drilling for oil and gas a drill will hit horizontal pockets of gas under high pressure, these caverns may be connected close to one another or earthed seperately metres apart, a fracture procedure which is the same as blowing out the drill will open up these pockets and connect them increasing the resources potential, usaully done by forcing water down the hole and into the pockets, this has to be done usually with a geologist to monitor flow rates of gas, you don't want a blow out in any unforeseen places .

    The flow rate of gas gives an indication of volume of gas, and is measured in different quntities like TFC Trillion cubic feet. And in this area oil seems to accompany gas.

    Now they are pressing on with the drill to the next geological depth area, why because they suspect better, but thus far i think it looks very promising, the speed with which they are going is anticipation for success.

    Only my opinion, not financial advise. But i like this one and am glad i'm on board.

    Work fast but safe MHL good luck.
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