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    This announcement released yesterday reads ok, anyone got an opinion on this stock:


    HOMEX - Perth

    FTR Pty Ltd announced today continued revenue growth resulting from
    increased sales activity worldwide. The Company stated that
    increasing acceptance of its software based digital recording
    solutions and its new courtroom recording device, FTR
    ReporterDeck(TM), has led to record sales for FTR and continued
    dominance in the courtroom recording market.

    Specific sales in North America include statewide contracts in New
    York and Missouri, which have already resulted in the installation of
    more than 100 recording systems since the first of the year.
    Significant installations in Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Florida,
    Indiana, Oregon, Washington, California and several other US states
    helped add to FTR's growing list of satisfied customers.

    Increased sales activity by the Company's network of more than 50
    authorized resellers has accounted for the sale and installation of
    more than 600 recording systems with revenue of more than AUD 4
    million since January 1, 2002. Performance in April has been
    particularly pleasing.

    FTR Pty Ltd continues to trade profitably and is cashflow positive.

    Outside of the United States, the Company reported sales related to
    the expansion of sites in Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. Both customers
    have been recording with FTR systems for several years and are now
    expanding operations to include additional FTR sites.

    In Australia, FTR announced that it was the selected technology
    provider for the Australian Family Court under a recently awarded
    contract. The contract called for 90 systems to be installed and
    operating by the end of April. Under control of the selected
    transcription providers, all 90 courtrooms were installed and on-line
    ahead of schedule.

    Steve Townsend, CEO of FTR Pty Ltd, explains that "Since we
    restructured the Company in June of last year, we have steadily
    increased system sales, monthly revenue and profits. We are all very
    pleased with the success of FTR over the last 10 months." Steve
    Townsend went on to say that he credits the Company's success to "an
    incredibly talented team of people, building and selling a great set
    of products through an effective and professional network of highly
    qualified resellers."

    Dave Harrison, General Manager for Asia Pacific operations said "the
    Family Court project in Australia reinforces the view that FTR is the
    digital recording solution of choice for courtrooms and hearing rooms
    throughout this region. We believe that our success is due to the
    fact that we have a product which addresses the market needs and we
    are devoted to making sure that every one of our customers receives
    the highest possible level of service and support."

    A big part of FTR's recent sales success is due to the demand for FTR
    ReporterDeck(TM). FTR announced this new product in August of 2001
    and released it in December. Since then, the product has sold at a
    pace much higher than forecast. Steve Townsend noted that "we knew
    the FTR ReporterDeck(TM) would be popular, but we had no idea there
    was this level of demand for this simple and reliable device. We are
    very happy with the product's success and expect continued strong
    sales in the coming months."

    FTR ReporterDeck(TM) is a standalone hardware "appliance" that
    performs 4-channel digital audio recording, archiving, playback and
    duplication. It requires no additional hardware or software to
    operate. The system is designed as a direct "plug-n-play" replacement
    for analog tape recorders. FTR ReporterDeck(TM) is network enabled
    and easily configured to operate in a standalone mode or as an
    accessible device on a Novell or Windows NT/2000 network. The unit is
    also compatible with FTR Log Notes(TM) and FTR Monitor(TM).

    The FTR Gold family of products is available through FTR authorized
    resellers worldwide.

    Founded in 1993 in Perth, Australia, with US headquarters in
    Phoenix, Ariz, FTR Pty Ltd is the world's leading supplier of
    courtroom digital audio recording systems. FTR systems are currently
    installed in more than 4,000 venues in over 15 countries in North
    America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

    FTR Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of FTR Holdings Limited

    Contact: Eric Parry
    (08) 9 4704366
    [email protected]
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