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yep lets privatise everything so dumb we are

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    Yep lets give over everything to the smart boys of financial intrigue...water....roadways...ports..health...education... and just not pre schools but even schooling... Universities(well we have already)...food supply....maybe I could start post retirement centres to rip off the retired company exs of their millions. Where are the regulators? Australia the land of rip offs!!!!

    Child-care giant faces break-up
    Vanessa Burrow
    February 28, 2008
    Corporate ways no longer as easy as ABC for brash mogul

    THE company that controls almost a third of Australia's child care centres, ABC Learning, may be forced to dismantle its international empire following a sudden collapse in investor confidence and its share price.

    Tens of thousands of parents who rely on the centres to mind their children, as well as thousands of ABC Learning staff, face an anxious wait as the company tries to sort out its woes.

    Days after the collapse in the share price, high-profile founder Eddy Groves and his wife, Le Neve, appear to have lost control of the empire they built together over the past 18 years, having been forced to sell shares they had borrowed to buy.

    Yesterday the company's shares were placed in a trading halt so directors could consider an offer for part of the business, which spans Australia, Europe and the United States.

    The company refused to confirm which part was subject to an offer, but analysts said it could be the British or US child care centres.
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