yaks drug supply getting cut off

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    A few months ago Yak you were critical of the Australian government listing some supplements as controled substances when they were freely avaliable in the US

    You also stated that the Aust government should not waste money on it's own drug evaluation system and should just rely on the US.

    Likes like the arguement should have been in reverse as the US has now made many of these supplements a controled substance (DHEA scraped through on an exception)

    new laws to effect from tomorrow

    New York Daily News
    Bush inks bill to ban steroids

    Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

    A bill to ban androstenedione - the "Mark McGwire" drug - was signed into law by President Bush yesterday, reclassifying steroid "precursors" as the legal equivalent of anabolic steroids.

    "It's not only a health issue but also a values issue," the bill's sponsor, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) said in a statement. "If kids think that all of the best athletes are 'on the juice,' what does that teach them? I think it teaches them that they should use steroids or steroid precursors to get ahead and win the game; that cheating is OK."

    The law was a welcome step for anti-doping advocates, but they also have considered it a flawed one: the law notably omitted DHEA, a mild precursor that critics also wanted banned. The "stealth steroid" THG, the drug at the heart of the BALCO scandal, was among the 18 banned substances.

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