yak the twisted scum gene of zion

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    yak, read the below as many times as it is required so you finaly comprehend how
    twisted scum you are

    can you follow simple logic ?
    maybe your wife should read it for you, just watch out maybe both of you will get confused
    or is it the logic of the learned elders of Zion ?

    trust me I'm a jew, LOL

    Posted by jacobscreek
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    who'r you calling a fool yak you big smelly bufoon. woow go away ? he already said he would if you do.

    Posted by Yak
    Post #56552 - in reply to msg. #56550

    jc " big smelly bufoon" - I'll take that as a term of endearment

    And I never said if dog [email protected] left, I'd leave

    What I think I said if he left was
    .....EVERYONE would be happy!!!!!!
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