yak overdose on zyclon b

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    Subject re: new terrorist attack....istanbul...11 dead!!!!
    Posted 16/11/03 00:39 - 125 reads
    Posted by Yak
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    fg..."ypsilon, snooker, yak, leaking agenda - you can all take the blame for this attrocity and others. You have been stirring the pot for so long, you finally got what you want."

    Fuck you asshole.

    One day you little twerp...you're gonnna grow those balls and say something close to that so someone like me and we'll give a good reason to hate Jews.

    These were Jews at worship - not fucking Israelis.

    You and the rest of the muslim shitheads can, as I said, go get fucked
    E-mail Yak!

    Bring home the POW/MIA's
    yak, you jewrk, did you overdose on Zyclone B ?
    I guess it's not fassionable to be a jew, is it a start of new pogrom ?

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