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    Morning all,

    Hope everyone's basking in the precious metals bull run.

    On a serious note, I am wishing to share my thoughts on Yak's departure, the historical context of Hor Copper and times of predominantly uninterrupted good posting.

    I am saddened to see Yak leave this forum. He has been a mostly well behaved, informative and consistent participant. His knowledge and experience will be missed by many.

    I hope he returns when he feels attempts to provoke him are eliminated. This takes me to my second point.

    Hot Copper has been through and survived difficult times in at least two contexts. The first being the financial and managerial matters that have risen numerous times in the past five or so years. The second, and what represents the core of its' existence: the quality of posting and functionality of the site.

    Each time Hot Copper has degenerated into periods of useless name calling, racial prejudice, religious inteolerance or agressive and unprofessional difference, it has always survived. Why???

    I believe it has always been able to find equilibrium at some point, and hence survive to see another day.

    Informed debate on issues ought to be encouraged. Discussion on all issues can and has been accomodated for in HC. This is a good feature.

    With the recent corrections to the site, people now have access to effective tools to better control what they do and don't read. Management ought to be commended on these features.

    At some point, posters that regularly inflame and aggravate others will be removed or remove themselves from this forum - if history tells us anything.

    At that point, HC will hopefully refind an equilibrium whereby posters can operate within a non threatening, informative, and idea sharing environment.

    These are just my thoughts. They are not intended to inflame or insult anyone.

    If you are offended, please feel free to place me on your ignore list.

    Best regards to all,

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