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    Just a follow on from your dummy spit yesterday where you were abusing the UN because Syria had the audacity to a resolution condemning Israels actions.

    Despite the fact that all the UN had done at that stage was deciding to delay debating the resolution you were abusing the UN for picking on poor liitle innocnet Israel.

    I notice you were not as quick to post todays news article on the subject


    Syria pushed to revise UN resolution on Israeli raid
    Security Council diplomats say a draft resolution condemning Israel's air raid on Syria would have to be rewritten for more balance to win the nine votes needed for council adoption.

    Even then, the draft was likely to face a veto from Washington, which has threatened to block any measure that failed to denounce major Palestinian militant groups taking responsibility for suicide attacks on Israel, the envoys said.

    After brief closed-door talks, the Security Council set no date for further action on the text by Syrian Ambassador Fayssal Mekdad that would express "grave concern" over rising Middle East tensions and condemn the Israeli raid as a violation of international law and the UN Charter.

    Israel on Sunday attacked a site near Damascus, saying it was a training camp for Palestinian militants. The raid came a day after a suicide attack in Haifa, Israel, killed 19 people.

    The air raid was Israel's deepest into Syria since the 1973 Middle East war, angering many Syrians but so far drawing only a diplomatic, not a military response from Damascus.

    Mr Mekdad, presenting the text to an emergency Security Council meeting on Sunday, had called for immediate action.

    But diplomats said after consulting their capitals that fewer than half of the council's members could vote for the Syrian proposal as written.

    And US Ambassador John Negroponte, the council president for October, said Washington would not support a resolution that condemned the Israeli raid but failed to condemn terrorism and made no mention of the Haifa attack.

    Mr Mekdad said council members had given him some ideas on how to revise the measure to gain broader support.

    He said he sent these back to Damascus and could return to the council as soon as later today with a new draft.

    "We hope the United States does not use the veto and that it practices its role as a superpower in preventing aggression and escalation," a Syrian Foreign Ministry official said.

    But Russia, which like the United States has veto power in the council, said the draft needed balance to win passage.

    "We believe it would pass if it had a more balanced nature, particularly if it in some way reflected the idea of the necessity of stopping acts of terror in the region," Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Fedotov said.

    Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman told the council on Sunday the raid on Syria had been carried out in self-defence, as a measure against future terrorist attacks.

    He accused Syria of "complicity and responsibility" in Palestinian suicide attacks, saying Damascus was harbouring, training and funding Palestinian militant groups.

    Syria has repeatedly denied the accusations.


    US President George W Bush has supported Israel's weekend strike.

    The Bush administration says Israel was acting in self-defence.

    Mr Bush says he has offered his support to the Israeli Prime Minister by telephone.

    "Israel must not feel constrained in terms of defending the homeland," he said.

    US State department spokesman Richard Boucher says the target hit by Israeli war planes had long been used as Palestinian terrorists, but would not say if it was still in active use.

    "We have said that Israel has a right to defend itself and that we would see this action in that way," he said.

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