yak a and b-you're pathetic!

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    Yaka girl....

    Foolguy is the predictable intelligent lunatic who loves a good debate.
    Atomu has tickets on himself and occasionally has verbal diarrheoa and is easily ignored. His diarrheoa usilly comes though straight after he has read toilet nonsense by you and your idiot friends

    You on the other hand are much the same as a rabid dog. A lot of barking and foaming-at-the-mouth.
    Every one who debates you says the same thing. Never answers questions, changes topics and makes little, if any, sense.
    ..........and then resorts to out and out venom and repeating himself over and over again. Same insults, same BS, same ol' same ol' !
    You're utterly boring! Pathetic is too generous a word. Insificant, unrecognisable, as ignorant and ignorable as ant beneath an elephant's feet!
    ..........and then convinces himself he's winning!?!?!
    You are... you barely exist as a human; we'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you're an amoeba!
    But only if you speak a little less idiotically!
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