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    Insurgents invite media to embed before offensive

    Fallujah insurgents besieged by US and Iraqi troops have invited journalists to "embed" with them to report their side of the war.

    "All media will be allowed into Fallujah to witness the crusade against Islam and see the real face of America. US media will not be excluded," said a statement by the Fallujah Mujahideen Shura (council), composed of insurgent leaders, tribal chiefs and Sunni Muslim clerics.

    "We will protect and transport them to the location of the events. There will be a special building for the journalists."

    The offer mimics a practice introduced by US-led forces for last year's Iraq invasion in which reporters are attached to military units and lived alongside the troops.

    Dozens of journalists are embedded with US marines set for an assault on Fallujah, 50 kilometres west of Baghdad, and another rebel-held Sunni Muslim city, Ramadi, further west.

    The few journalists remaining in Fallujah, which has been the target of repeated US air strikes for weeks, are mainly Iraqis, although some work for foreign news outlets.

    An Iraqi cameraman filming for Reuters Television, Dhia Najim, was killed by a US sniper in Ramadi this week.

    Fallujah residents say air raids often destroy homes and kill civilians. The US military says they are carefully targeted and avoid accidental casualties.

    A US offensive to capture Fallujah and Ramadi from what the Government describes as Saddam Hussein loyalists and foreign Islamist fighters is expected any day.

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