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XTV - 40 Significant Potential Partners

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    Am liking the look of the pipeline of potential partners/clients that XTV is talking to.

    With a 1PG type of news flow.... could XTV do a 1PG style re-rate?

    Recent Annual revenues show there is plenty of money sloshing around nearby XTV.

    Major League Baseball - $9 Billion

    Reliance Communications - $3.5 Billion

    AMEX - $30 Billion

    Costco Wholesale - $105 Billion

    AT&T - $110 Billion

    Live Nation Entertainment - $5.3 Billion

    .... plus 33 others not mentioned by name... and those already on board.

    That number (40) was from late last year.... so hoping for updates during Q1 2015.

    Page 12 of the presso in link below



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