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Xped Media Thread - Social Media, Online, Print and otherwise

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    Hey guys.  Here we are finally, so once again i'm setting up a special media thread!

    Lets keep it specifically Xped related, no links to other companies posts, videos etc unless they are specifically, verifiable as Xped announcements, connections, tweets, facebook, AFR, blogs, media outlets whatever.  But must be Xped, not a post thats just showing something IoT.

    If you want to discuss general IoT stuff shoot over to the new General Topics thread that @Graham_1954 has started again.

    Take a screenshot of the article if you can so people can see it instantly and its then saved here for prosperity later, over preference to just a link and by all means if the system allows a link as well.  If your not too savy on screenshots try Lightshot as a quick easy program (look on google for it)

    If you see something print, take a photo and post it too.

    I'm assuming everyone here is caught up on the old threads media content but I can't see an issue if some things get re-posted here if still relevant.  However.  Please if your to post in this thread read through the thread and check your find is not already posted here!  If we have everyone re-posting the same article from 2015 over and over it will quickly derail the idea.  Yes for the next week or so I think we should have a collection of historical stuff, sure if still relevant.  But after that lets look to the future instead.

    By all means chat some etc, but keep it on topic specifically to the media posted, try not to run off course too much at least.  If the topic again turns general or you have a question non related, take it again to the General topics thread or the General & Frequently Asked Questions thread.  No nastiness or over the top up ramping or down ramping.  Either way.  Intelligent discussion by preference only please.  Give your opinion, with honey not vinegar.

    Good luck to all holders from here, lets have fun and if you see something we missed in the media, facebook, net, papers or otherwise shoot over here to keep a record and us all in the loop as well!

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