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    I have looked at some of the threads over the last few days, just a few mind you because what I started to read was so negative and all the rest I choose to stay away. I checked a few mind you and the ones with "Why the Hostility" etc. I just wonder why adults engage in such rhetoric. They must be kids, maybe, could be, who knows.

    I though about a thread I could engage in and more positive the last twenty four hours and thats why I came up with this one. Not because I like it but because all concerned need to get off the crap that is being given merit/cred and lets get back to the reality of this company. I thought about a 15 cent party and maybe Graham thought same I think from memory he started the 1o cent party. You know who you are Graham and respect to old timer.

    We are in the infancy of a company that will be humongous (IMO) what the heck are people thinking getting caught up in talking crap crap crap. Some may think this post is crap and you may well think that, I have no tickets on my posts but, ah well thats seems to be the sentiment of egos that seem to have agenda's lurking. But for Christ Sake people (ladies and gentlemen) show some respect! Mostly gentlemen. I mentioned ladies as I dont want to discriminate. I have read little of the down ramping and I dont think there has been any negative stuff from females please correct if I am wrong.

    Iam in and I am going to win. Me knows it, me feels it, me wants it. It wont be long before its a world wide phenomenon. And the dollars will roll in.

    All we need is a mention in the Financial Times etc and we are at forget it! Its hit the ROOF!!!!!
    But thats what we need. Ann's are great but we need more media Headlines and dont doubt that its not around the corner, it certainly is. Thats when we make it.

    I wish you all the best of money in your pocket and the wind behind your back. Its my opinion and please take it how you want but its not advise as I am a Leprechaun and I dont need the money. I have a pot of GOLD and I think its at $1300 plus at the moment so I am content.

    Smiles and luck to us all.....
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