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Well, if my concern (ie, that spiralling cases will lead to...

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    Well, if my concern (ie, that spiralling cases will lead to another set of lockdowns, which will lead to more economic damage, and have implications for global stocks) turns out to ill founded, then there isn't anything to be concerned about is there.

    So I'm not sure what you are getting at.

    Either it will become a problem or won't!

    Global leaders might just decide to accept the deaths and injuries, and stay 100% open
    A vaccine may emerge (unlikely)
    After a small scare, people globally might respond (ie, start socially distancing/masks/hygiene etc) and daily new case's may start to trend downwards, in which case, countries are likely to avoid lockdowns, and the status quo will be maintained.
    Global leaders might decide to chase "herd immunity" whatever that is

    Anything could happen.

    It just looks to me like markets are ignoring any risk on this front, which seems to be growing atm

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