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    i found the attached press release on Fuji Asia Pacific website ... must be goood news for STE moving fwd with sales. ....


    Fuji Xerox Offers Comprehensive Suite of Cost Management and Control Solutions

    Asia Pacific, 13 February 2008 - Fuji Xerox, the Document Company, today announced a comprehensive suite of cost management and control solutions with its partners – Equitrac, BEAR Solutions and Softlog – targeting corporate customers, as well as those in the education, legal and professional sectors.

    With increased focus on bottom-line, businesses are looking for affordable and practical solutions that help them control, manage and even recover costs associated with printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Fuji Xerox and its partners empower and enable businesses to achieve this at our customers’ fingertips: at the MFD (multi-function device) level.

    Saito Masahiko, General Manager, Product Marketing from Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific said, “Fuji Xerox’s Apeos technology, which is based on SOA architecture, and our MFD-based technology enable multi-function devices to integrate easily into existing business systems. This has given us the advantage in pursuing partnerships with leading business systems providers.

    “Working with Equitrac, BEAR Solutions and Softlog, Fuji Xerox offers a comprehensive and extensive range of intelligent cost management and control solutions for customers from various sectors.”


    With Apeos technology, Equitrac Office software is seamlessly integrated to the Fuji Xerox multi-function devices (MFDs) to track, analyse, and even allocate expenses for every page that an employee sends to any networked printer, copier or multifunction device. As a result, business managers are able to make informed decisions on the optimal quantity of equipment; redirect output from high cost-per-page desktop printers to conveniently-located, highly efficient Fuji Xerox devices; increase user satisfaction by deploying equipment for maximum efficiency; enforce quotas on colour output; simplify IT operations and support; and maximise the return on IT resources.

    Equitrac developed an exclusive card reader that is embedded in Fuji Xerox MFDs, rather than an external terminal. In addition, Equitrac’s ‘Follow-You-Printing™’ feature allows users to print from any Fuji Xerox device on the network directly from the device UI.

    Phil Heafey, Managing Director, Equitrac Asia Pacific, said: “Using Fuji Xerox’s Apeos technology, Equitrac has been able to develop advanced features, which in addition to an exclusive embedded card reader include designation of quotas for the number of colour copies a user can print, and allowing all functionalities to be easily accessed from the ApeosPort UI.”

    BEAR Solution

    BEAR’s CMS/IP (cost management system over IP communication) cost management modules enable organisations and institutions to track and manage costs ranging from photocopying, printing, internet usage, point-of-sale purchases, vending machines and even parking. Accurate tracking and management of photocopying and network printing costs need no longer be an administrative chore. The Fuji Xerox and BEAR solution even allows for top-up of cash cards via web and terminal.

    More importantly for educational institutions, transactions and reporting are in realtime allowing for instant analysis and accountability. With the existing hardware partnership with BEAR, customers in the education sector can now enjoy innovative and customised solutions that are easy to implement at low cost.

    Kier Morrison of BEAR Solutions --”Leveraging this partnership we are able to integrate our solutions easily and seamlessly with Fuji Xerox MFDs. We can tailor our solutions based on customers’ requirements, and implementation is easy and accomplished at a low cost.”


    The softlog.onboard application enables organisations to control and recover costs associated with copying, printing, faxing and scanning, eliminating the need for traditional cost recovery workstations. Interacting directly with the Fuji Xerox touch screen, organisations can allocate work to specific departments, clients or projects.

    The solution also tracks documents transmitted by email, monitors postage, room hire, taxi fares, credit cards, couriers and sundry costs. The application is customisable and multi-site compatible. It delivers a range of automated reporting, detailed queries and extensive management features.

    Mike Fairclough, Managing Director, Stratatel Softlog – “This partnership delivers an integrated cost management solution to our customers. The integration allows users of softlog.onboard direct interaction through Fuji Xerox touch screen providing new flexibility in cost management solutions and greater utilisation of customer hardware investment.”

    About Fuji Xerox

    Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. is a 75-25 joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Xerox Corporation (U.S.A.) that develops, manufactures and markets world-class office and publishing equipment/systems, digital colour/monochrome multifunction devices, as well as document management software, solutions and services in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. It also manufactures digital copy machines, multifunction devices and printers for worldwide distribution. Fuji Xerox’s focus on research and development has led to many breakthroughs and a large number of patents, making it a global leader in technology, which adds greater value and boosts its customers’ productivity and efficiency.

    Founded in 1962 with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, the Company employs approximately 40,000 people globally, and has more than 70 domestic and overseas affiliates and sales subsidiaries. Fuji Xerox’s consolidated revenues topped one trillion yen in fiscal 2003 for the first time. More information of Fuji Xerox is available at

    About Equitrac

    Equitrac Corporation is the world leader in intelligent cost recovery and print management solutions. Backed by an unmatched R&D program and the largest team of cost-recovery experts in the world, Equitrac enjoys preferred technology partnerships with the world's leading providers of hardware and software solutions for the office environment. From the Fortune Global 100 to college campuses, within the AMLAW 200 and in municipalities across the globe, Equitrac solutions are at work helping organisations recover costs, reduce waste, increase returns and maximise efficiency in printers, copiers and multifunction devices. For more information visit

    About BEAR Solutions

    BEAR Solutions has provided its component-based cost recovery and management solutions for over 15 years to organisations around the world. Organisations and institutions of all sizes and across multiple industries have taken advantage of BEAR Solutions ability to provide innovative systems to not only manage copy and print data but to also manage cash and non-cash based transactions by office peripherals or a range of user pay systems such as vending. From controlling and managing costs of services to integration of solutions into customers environments to the provision of reports BEAR Solutions provides organisations with the solution to meet their needs. More information is available from

    About Stratatel Softlog

    Stratatel Softlog is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratatel Limited, an Australian publicly listed company formed in 1997 to provide specialist independent telecommunications advice, brokerage and facilities management services to the corporate and government sectors. As a leading developer with over 20 years industry experience in delivering cost recovery and expense management solutions, Stratatel Softlog have built a strong customer based throughout Australia and SE Asia. Clients include many of the region’s leading accounting and legal practices. For more information please visit
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