CFU 0.00% 0.4¢ ceramic fuel cells limited

x10 to x40 in 5 years

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    CFU fit into the distributed network paradigm thats taking hold in the alternative energy sector. If folk remember back to how the computer and networking industry developed we started out with mainframe that pushed out information through basic networks in an outward direction, the networks then evolved to be asynchronous and the users could to interact, then what they call "moores law" became apparent an every 18months dating back to the mid 50s computer memory double in capacity, halved in cost and shrank in size.

    If you look carefully at the CFU development theres a "moores Law" equivalent developing, the boxes are getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful every 18 months or so. if you look back at their commercial hurdles they seem to be able have been able to solve everything that set in front of them.

    Like anything exponential things take a while to get going, but once they get fully into a trend those small beginnings become massive over time. Computers got small enough to put on desktops and the mainframes started to be replaced with local serves that many time the capacity and now carry around computers that did the mainframes and we all know what happened after that :)

    Energy is the same , coal power stations are the proxy for mainframes, our electrical grid is the basic network we started with in computing and the ability to send spare capacity back the grid is like the interactive networks that turned into what we know as the internet today.

    So like computing, power generation is moving from central transmission to distributed network generation. The servers that run your office computer system are like the CFU Next Gen boxes but in the energy rather than the computing context.

    So you buy one of these boxes and put in the laundry next to the water heater and hook it up to the water and gas then connect it to your switch box, turn it on and it heats your water, provides a base current for the minor appliances in your house and let the overflow trickle back on to the grid.

    When the kids come and turn on all the TVs and boil the kettle the grid kicks in to provide the extra electricity till your peak time is over, then it goes back to NextGen box when everyone goes to bed to provide the base load.

    If its a new house youve probably got Dyesol solar steel roofing and glass panels they feed into the system

    In a very short time whats been in the past a very energy inefficient house thats got an oil-fed boiler spewing out CO2 and drinking $100 oil like a big night in a bar turns into an efficient home power generation system.

    So very quickly we go from big bad coal stations centrally transmitting power to every home making their own.

    The timing is perfect, oils keeps rising (and the majority of the boilers in Europe are still oil based), global warming gains credibility and CO2 becomes a global issue of humanities survival.

    CFU for a little company have an incredibly exciting part of the overall energy puzzle and from what I can tell they they are way out ahead of any competition with a superior strategy.

    The boiler companies cant ignore such a threat because it threatens to make them obsolete, energy companies cant ignore them because folks will just buy them and install them anyway, politicians cant ignore them because it achieves their CO2 objectives, consumers cant ignore them because their oil and gas fuel costs keep rising.

    Yet most of the world has no idea about them, apart from a few utilities , boiler manufactures and astute investors.

    Wait till they start pumping them out of the factory in the 10s , then 100s of thousands, the market potential is millions of units per year. Folks will realize pretty quickly when units start getting installed in peoples laundry and basement. Like any anything exponential things start out slowly and go gang busters very quickly.

    The opportunity here is like investing in Apple in 1985 or Ford in 1908 (its potentially that big)

    The upside is ridiculous these units are only going to get more reliable, cheaper and more powerful every year and we seem to have management that knows how to get things done and lost of partners who like the product.

    In the end you can sit back in your rocking chair and tell the grandkids how you made your fortune and helped save the planet at the same time.

    Anyone that doubts this do you and your grandkids a favor , this isnt a self interest ramp its for real, take the time to do your own research and assess for yourselves because opportunities like this only come along every so often in a lifetime.

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