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    Happy to help GF, no probs

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    Yep, the Green down arrows show shortening of the thrust (SOT), in this case Lower (as SOT can also be seen as price moves higher), this is used to measure the continuing 'force' behind a move in price, and might suggest that a move is becoming tired, and maybe running out of steam.
    SOT is actually a Wyckoff Term, and is not usually found in any VSA stuff, but is quite a handy visual aid.

    The 'compare' was to look at how much price moved, and how much volume there was, on the downbar marked 'compare', to the downbar marked 'PSV'.
    This is generally done visually, and it can easily be seen that the spread of the first bar is much wider than the second bar, and it can also be seen that more ground was lost on the first bar than the second bar.
    So with that information, it would be reasonable to expect that the volume (or force) behind the first bar, would be higher than the second bar, as the first bar had a wider spread, and lost more ground.
    But this is not the case, the second bar had roughly double the volume.

    How Can That Be ?? .......What could have happened that could cause the difference between the two bars like that ??

    More in a little while.......


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